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    Our clients experience a rewarding & refreshing new lifestyle with innovative landscapes developed from over 19 years of experience.

    Landscaping Links

    Volker Klemm Landscape Design

    Growing Interest Landscapring and Volker Klemm Landscape Design work closely together when a client requires a landscape design.

    Brookvale Sand

    We source high quality sand, gravel, and building & landscaping supplies from Brookvale Sand.

    Alpine Nurseries

    Growing Interest Landscaping buy high quality plants in all sizes up to advanced trees from Alpine Nurseries, located in Dural.

    Hi-Tech Precision Engineering

    When we need high quality mechanical engineering help, we use Hi-Tech Precision Engineering.


    We use Lightingroup for their expert lighting engineers and products to really make your landscape light up.

    Dural Irrigation

    Growing Interest Landscaping source our pump and irrigation supplies from Dural Irrigation.

    JBH Timber and Building Supplies

    Our general materials including nuts and bolts, engineered beams, paint, are purchased from JBH Timber.